Privacy Notice

The Trustee holds certain personal data about you and your dependants, which is needed to enable the Trustee to administer your benefit in the Plan. It may sometimes be necessary to pass this data to other parties, such as the Plan's administrator, auditor or other advisers.

Full details of the types of personal data the Trustee holds, how it uses that information and who it shares it with are set out in the Trustee's privacy notice.

Willis Towers Watson – The Plan Actuary

Willis Towers Watson, in providing actuarial services to the Plan, is also a Data Controller.  This is because, in relation to those actuarial services, the Plan actuary decides on its own account what Plan Personal Data is passed to it and why, as well as what it is used for / is acting alongside the Trustee in making decisions about what Plan Personal Data is collected and why, and what it is used for.

The link that follows provides sight of the WTW’s Privacy Notice available at  

New data protection regulations came into force in May 2018. The privacy notice will be updated from time to time as law and practice develop. The most up-to-date version is available from this webpage.

updated January 2019


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