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1Deferred member - What happens when I reach normal retirement age ?

Lafarge UK Pensions will write to you within a few weeks of your normal retirement age (65) with a full retirement quotation which will include all the options that are available to you. As long as we have your current address details.

2Deferred member - Can I take early retirement ?

Yes, the earliest you can take your Lafarge Pension is 55.

To find out what you need to do Click>Early Retirement Options

3How much Tax will I pay on my Lafarge Pension ?

When your Lafarge Pension is initially set up you will pay Basic Rate Tax of 20%. The HMRC will then send you a P161 form for you to complete and return to them. after which your Tax will be adjusted accordingly to your overall taxable income after your tax-free allowances. To find out more information on Pension Income Tax Click> HMRC Pension Tax.