Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)

There are some circumstances where even the best designed pension scheme cannot provide all that you want and you may wish to improve the pension benefits you receive by making some extra saving for the future.

If so, it is well worth taking a look at Lafarge’s Additional Voluntary Contributions Plan, the AVC Plan for short, which is part of the Lafarge UK Pension Plan.

AVCs are contributions that you choose to make voluntarily on top of your regular contributions to the Lafarge UK Pension Plan. AVCs are currently invested in a range of Legal & General investment funds chosen by the Trustees. By contributing regularly, you will build up a fund of money which you may use to buy an annuity or pension at retirement. If you are a former Final Pay section member, you may also wish to use some or all of your AVC fund to offset the amount of tax free cash sum you take by commuting or giving up Final Pay pension.

For more information on AVCs, download the PensionsPLUS booklet here or by clicking on the image below.