Retirement Planning

As a member of PensionBuilderplus you will receive an annual statement to give you an indication of your potential pension at your selected retirement age. You can also go to Legal & General's secure online system "Manage My Account" and use the resources available there.

Ultimately, your pension will depend on the amount of the contributions that are paid in, the success of your investments and the cost of buying a pension when you eventually retire.

To help you to decide how much to contribute we have attached links to two websites that provide modellers.

The modellers enable you to put in details of your current contributions, the current value of your fund and details of pensions that you have already built up. It may be helpful to have your most recent benefit statements to hand.

By changing the rate of contributions, the chosen retirement age and other variables, you can get a feel for whether you are paying enough or whether you need to increase your contributions (through Additional Voluntary Contributions [AVCs] ).

We have attached links to two websites :

Click>The Standard Life Retirement Planner. This tool contains a good range of variables and allows you to input defined contribution and defined benefits you have previously built up. The output is fairly clear to understand.

Click>Hargreaves Lansdown Pensions Calculator. If you are wish to add a further degree of complication, the Hargreaves Lansdown "Pensions Calculator" will allow you to play with a wider range of variables, including some of the underlying assumptions (eg investment growth). However this modeller does not allow you to input defined benefits you may have previously built up.

Please bear in mind these modellers can only provide you with an indication of the benefits you may receive at retirement. Please read the important notes and information on each website.

If you wish to discuss the output from these modellers, feel free to call the Pensions Helpline 01306 872211 and we will send you any other information and/or AVC forms, or Booklets you may require.

If you are interested in opening a Lafarge Pension Plan AVC account, you may wish to visit the AVC section of the website Click>Here.