What Type of Pension do I have ?

IMPORTANT - What type of pension do you have with the Lafarge UK Pension Plan ?


Money Purchase, PensionBuilderplus, AVC Pots (DC)

Click>(DC) Defined Contribution Pension Pot


Final Salary Pensions (DB)

Click>(DB) Defined Benefit Pension


Defined Benefit & Defined Contribution (DB & DC)
(Final Salary Pension)
(Money Purchase, PensionBuilderplus, AVC Pots)
For members with both a Final Salary Pension and a DC or AVC pot, Then both sections of the information above will apply to you.



If you are uncertain of what type of pension you have within the Lafarge UK Pension Plan, then please contact the helpline 01306 872100 or write to:

Lafarge UK Pensions, Park Lodge, London Road, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1TH.

More information can be found on the Governments Pension Wise website Click>Pension Wise.

Before making any decisions regarding your Lafarge UK Pension we strongly advise that you, first visit the Pension Wise website and then seek Independent Financial Advice from an IFA.