The MND Nomination & Election Process

The Plan has a wide membership (active, deferred and pensioners) who are invited to put themselves forward for the position of Member Nominated Director (MND) on the Trustee board. Widows and widowers who are receiving a spouse's pension from the Plan are excluded from standing for election but have a right to vote.

There are two constituencies; former Lafarge Redland Pension Scheme (LRPS) members and non Lafarge Redland Pension Scheme (non LRPS) members. There are two MNDs from each constituency.

Information and training will be provided to help interested members to consider the role and to prepare for the next stage. Members who seek to be nominated will first be assessed by a Selection Panel to ensure candidates are suitable for subsequent election. The Selection Panel will be chosen by the Plan’s Trustee Board and will include existing MNDs.

What does it take to be an MND ?

A Trustee Director must be prepared to attend four Trustee Board meetings each year, as well as attending one or two committees that may meet two to four times a year. Other training events may also be organised. Reading and preparation for meetings will also add to the time commitment.

The duties of a Trustee Director include a range of responsibilities to monitor the administration of the Plan and communications to members, the exercise of discretionary powers and to ensure the assets of the Plan are invested and held securely.

Maintaining a high standard of Trustee Knowledge and Understanding (TKU) is key and, as well as training sessions provided at meetings, Trustee Directors are provided with information and updates and expected to follow the Pension Regulator’s e-learning programme, The Trustee Toolkit. In addition to knowledge about pensions and awareness of their duties as a Trustee Director, successful candidates will be expected to have, or show, a commitment and aptitude to acquire important skills such as the ability to evaluate advice, the ability to make judgements and decisions, and the ability to work and communicate within a board and committee structure.

An MND will usually have a four-year term of office.