Frequently Asked Questions

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1How do I Change Address or Bank Details ?

If you have a Pension with Lafarge and would like to notify us of an address or bank change, then you must put this in writing to us with your signature, to find out more information on this Click>Keeping us Informed.

2Will I Receive a Pay Advice every Month ?

No, you will only receive a monthly pay advice if your pension changes by more than £5.00 in any month, However, if you would like a monthly pay advice then please call the Pensions Helpline 01306 872100 and we will set this up for you.

3What happens if I receive a new Tax Code from HMRC ?

If you receive notifcation from the Tax Office (HMRC) regarding a new Tax code or your existing Tax code, Lafarge UK Pensions will automatically be notified at the same time by HMRC, To find out more information please Click>Tax Code & Tax Office details

4How much Tax will I pay on my Lafarge Pension ?

When your Lafarge Pension is initially set up you will pay Basic Rate Tax of 20%. The HMRC will then send you a P161 form for you to complete and return to them. after which your Tax will be adjusted accordingly to your overall taxable income after your tax-free allowances. To find out more information on Pension Income Tax Click> HMRC Pension Tax.