There are a range of different investment funds available for you to invest in. You need to read the PensionsINVESTMENTS booklet and decide what is right for you.

Your contributions, together with Lafarge’s contributions, will be passed to Legal & General the investment manager to buy investments which will then be held in your personal investment account.

What happens to my contributions?

In PensionBuilderplus, you will have the choice to invest in one or more funds investing in a range of bonds, shares (both UK and overseas) and cash. Alternatively you may choose to invest in one of three Lifestyle options.

What is the Lifestyle option?

The Lifestyle options are designed to use different kinds of investments in the most appropriate way at different stages of your working life. Full details are given in the PensionsINVESTMENTs booklet.

How will I know what my investments are worth?

Each year, the Trustee will send you a statement to show how much you and Lafarge have contributed, and the amount that the fund in your personal investment account is worth.

Can I change my mind and change my investment choices?

Yes. You’re in control and you have the freedom to choose how you wish your personal investment account to be invested. To change, you will need to login into "Manage My Account"  to chosse any one or more of the funds made available by the Trustee. For more information Click >Manage My Account"


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